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Welcome to The TLC Adventure Club!


Our mission is to be, in conjunction with Transfiguration Lutheran Church, a warm, loving, healthy and stimulating environment for our community.  As children of God, we teach and model positive self-image, individuality, independence, and respect of other’s rights and properties.  Children will be offered the opportunity to grow and develop spiritually, cognitively, emotionally and physically.  Each child will learn of his/her own self-worth through seeing his/her individual importance in the eyes of the caregivers and of God, while also learning the importance of others and respecting their rights.

TLC-ELC Program Philosophy:

We believe that each child is a unique individual created by a loving God.  Our desire is to create an environment for the children and families that is safe, stimulating and encouraging.  We believe that young children learn most effectively when they can explore a variety of materials and situations through play and hands-on experiences.

A Christian-Based Curriculum:

Learning more about God and His love for each of us is an important part of the program.  We believe this is a key time to lay the foundation of future Christian growth.  It is with this belief that God becomes a normal part of everyday discussions, as well as why we have prayer throughout the day, and integrate Bible stories into the academic regime. The children’s group time is centered around weekly Bible themes. Christian music is played in the room, and the children are offered a variety of hands on activities that are linked to different Bible truths as well as readings and movies that may tell the same story.

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) National Accreditation

TLC-ELC has been a nationally accredited program through NAEYC since 1993. NAEYC stresses a curriculum that provides a variety of developmentally appropriate activities and materials that emphasize concrete experiential learning to foster the development of each child.  They also stress the importance of low staff/child ratios and group size as well as teacher development and parent involvement.

TLC Adventure Club Goals:

We provide an environment for the children before and after school that is safe, challenging, interesting and yet relaxing to the children.  It is important that children learn and exercise respect for others and themselves. We provide opportunities for them to grow in their social skills, sense of well-being and their independence.  We involve the children in a multi-sensory approach to learn more about God, the Bible and how He plays an important part in their lives.  We offer a time to work on homework throughout the year.

We also offer a specialized summer program filled with field trips, special activities and an enrichment time (parent’s choice) of reading and math.  Please contact the center for further information.


Daily Schedule (during the school year):

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TLC Adventure Club Activities Include:

  • Exploratory art activities that include painting in a variety of forms, clay, 3-D art work
  • Skills centers that include manipulatives, complex puzzles, board and card games, dramatic play, music, block play
  • Large muscle play that includes play on the playground and cooperative games indoors
  • Homework space and time is provided daily during the school year if needed
  • Reading and Math enhancement time is offered during the summer to families who want to keep their child’s skills up

Field trips on non-school days and during the summer may include:

  • Museums:  Science, Children’s,  Mill City,  Walker Art, Minneapolis Art Museum
  • Weekly swimming at Valleyview Pool
  • Sever’s Corn Maze
  • The Works
  • Sports Games: Twins, Saints, Lynx
  • Theaters: Stages, Stepping Stone, Hopkins Playhouse
  • Local Parks
  • Bowling
  • Skateville



TLC Contact Information

TLC Early Learning Center
11000 France Ave S
Bloomington, MN  55431
– website for TLC Early Learning Center

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