WOYC Obstacle Course

The theme for this year’s Week Of the Young Child was “Healthy Children”.  Part of being healthy is being active.  At TLC, children are exposed to many different types of large muscle activities including neighborhood walks, free play in Fellowship Hall,  outdoor play on our climber and basketball court area, organized games of basketball, soccer, 3-step and tag, free play with balls and more.  As a special activity during WOYC, Kelli and Corinne set up an obstacle course in Fellowship Hall.  Throughout  the obstacle course children balanced a ball on a racquet, went down a slide, walked across stepping stones, crawled through tunnels, hopped in hula hoops and walked on a balance beam.

Chip Branson Chip Damya Chip Owen DT HE,KD,MB DT Helen DT Jonah DT Kate DT Madeline DT Mason K Justin