Twice a month the children of TLC ELC attend a worship service led by Renee Jefferson, the Christian Education Director of Transfiguration Lutheran Church.  This week Pastor Ed joined in the service.  Pastor Ed talked about who Jesus is.  Jesus is our Savior.  Pastor Ed asked the children what does that mean – that Jesus is our Savior, what is a Savior – one of the children said that He is our Rescue Hero.  What an easy  way for the children to grasp who Jesus is for them – He is our Rescue Hero.

Chapel time provides a great opportunity for the children to learn about God’s love through stories and songs.  When children participate in chapel, they are learning :

-God created the world for us, and takes care of us

-that we talk to God when we pray

-that we should praise and thank God daily

-that they are a child of God

-and most importantly, God loves us and sent His only Son for us to show us His love

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