Who said 60 is only a number?

Our director, Barb Wigstadt, just celebrated her 60th birthday and the entire center wanted to be involved.  It was a great time of fun balloons, fantastic cupcakes (lovingly made by teacher Tracy McGuinness), old friends and new friends and lots and lots of hugs.  Barb’s family came to celebrate with us as well as some families who have been with TLC-ELC for decades.  She says that she is just getting ready for her next 60 years.  With all of the love charging her up, who can blame her?

Wishing her a Happy Birthday is Hannah, ready for first grade. She has known Barb her entire life – 6 and 60 they have a lot in common.

Over 23 years ago Colin was the first toddler for the new toddler program, he got his degree in art and now works with our preschoolers.

One of Barb’s high points at TLC was when Jana returned with her daughter, our first second generation family.

TLC-ELC has a board of directors that Barb has the honor of serving with, here is one member with her son who came to celebrate the big day.

Another board member with her delightful daughter.

Many families came to celebrate Barb’s 60th.

One of our oldest families – Maranda started in 1991, she now is back to work at TLC with her daughter in attendance – it is a wonderful life.

Our newest family – they joined us just a few months ago. We are so blessed by the great families who are with us at TLC-ELC.

We love our twins at TLC-ELC!!!

and more twins

and another set of great twins

and still more twins – we are blessed!

Some kids are already life long friends

In first grade, Joe said that he wanted to work at TLC when he grew up – he started at TLC about 3 years ago…Celebrating with Barb

Hugs are what makes the world go round. How many people can say they get their daily quota of hugs just by going to work. 60 isn’t so bad at a place like TLC-ELC.