VBS – Blue Tuesday – We serve and love our friends

Tuesday was the second day of VBS and Blue was the color.  We learned about helping our friends.  Four friends brought their paralytic friend to Jesus, but there were so many trying to be close to Him they had to make a hole in the roof and lower their friend down.  Jesus saw their faith and He forgave the man his sins and healed him.  Friends are important!

We are learning our Bible verse with sign language.
Love the LORD our God with all our heart…

Love the LORD with all our strength!

We made a pillow to share with others.

We even told the story with rescue heroes.

Our handprints added to the decorations on the pillow cases.

We carried our own cot around with our friend geting a ride to see Jesus.

VBS is fun!

We closed up the day with a lot. It ws a great day!!

Another special pillow to bring home.