Turtle Room Sensory Fun

The infants in the Turtle room had fun exploring their room and a new sensory box.  The box was filled with objects of different shapes, sizes and textures. Sensory activities are important in a child’s development.

Jackie Silberg ( highly sought after workshop-seminar leader, motivational speaker, and performer. With degrees in Education and Child Development along with graduate work in Piano and Composition) states :

“Babies need a variety of tactile experiences to become familiar with their world. An infant spends the majority of his first year of life learning through these tactile experiences.

Babies need touching experiences to “grow” the brain and “grow” the body. It is as critical as nutrients and vitamins.

Exploring texture is something that babies love to do.  “img_4632 img_4635 img_4639 img_4641 img_4649 img_4651 img_4656 img_4661 img_4662