TLC ELC walk for the cure

On Wednesday May 4th, we had our own walk for the cure with our TLC ELC staff, children and their families.  We’ve taken donations through out the week {tomorrow Friday May 6th is the last day we will be collecting donations in our class rooms}.  We have raised over $100 so far and are so proud of our students and their families!!  Here are a few images from our “walk” around our neighborhood.  We waved pink streamers in the air most dressed in pink to show our support and smiled at drivers passing by.  It was so exciting to wave at the church staff – they came out to support us.

This is our 3rd year “walking for the cure” many of our families have been affected by breast cancer or a type of cancer.  We are privileged to show our students that they can really make a difference!  They can accomplish what they put their minds to and be a great support to each other.  When this care and concern starts at a young age – there are no limits to where they will go.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to help with breast cancer awareness!