TLC ELC Photo Club. June 2011

TAC Photo Club will meet 3 times this summer.  Barb Wigstadt (director of TLC-ELC) likes to share her passion of photography with the children in the Adventure Club room.  This is the 4th summer that the Photo Club will meet.  It is the first time the Photo Club will have 3 sessions.
The first session was at the Landscape Arboretum, 17 children and 3 staff joined Barb in taking pictures.  After an afternoon of noticing and capturing the details and beauty that God created, all of the photos were down loaded to Barb’s laptop, then each club member had an opportunity to edit their photos and then the images were burned to a cd that they could take home to print.  On top of that, each child’s favorite picture was printed as an 8X10 and is on display in the classroom.
In July we will be taking fun, creative pictures of cars and in August we will be visiting the zoo and taking pictures of the animals.
click the link bellow to watch a slide show of the TLC ELC Photo Club in  June 2011