TLC ELC Kindergarten Grandparent’s Day

It is so important to spend extra time with our Grandparents and the Special people in our lives!  At TLC ELC we encourage family members to come by and visit and be involved in our students’ educational and social growth and development.  There is such a sense of pride and self belief when you have someone who cares about you see the things that you’ve accomplished.  On Grandparents’ Day our Kindergartners got to show off their reading, writing and art skills.  They also played games and sometimes taught their Grandparent/Special Person a new game.  Since spring is on its way, our Kindergartners decorated clay pots to plant flowers to take home and to give to their Grandparents.  The love, investment and smiles we got to see today were priceless!!

We also had a special lunch – where our Kindergartners made special place mats for their guests was a great end to a fabulous morning!