TLC ELC Flower Fundraiser

This is our 21st flower sale fundraiser.  Over the years we  have used the money to pay for more expensive things – like our playground.  Recently we have been able to replace our buses, help pay for a new dishwasher, and different larger furniture items for the rooms.  It is the most productive fundraiser that we do annually and is a community event – with involvement of the church membership as well as ELC families and staff.  We have  many volunteers from the church, ELC  parents and grandparents on the flower delivery day.  This year we brought in over 100 orders and made a profit of about $6,000.  We couldn’t do this without so many people being involved and supporting us.

We’ve worked with Gardenview Greenhouse out of Farmington for the last 12 years.  Renee Gilmore has been in charge of the sale for the last 12 years and does a wonderful job of organizing and distributing the flowers!  Thank you so much for supporting our center through our Flower Fundraiser!!  {more pictures of the flowers and kids to come}!