Thanksgiving Family Lunch @ TLC ELC

Every year we celebrate Thanksgiving with a special Thanksgiving Lunch.  Family members, church staff members and friends of TLC-ELC are all invited to share a wonderful meal.  We have a new cook this year, Tracy,  and she made an amazing meal.  We served 132 people starting with our 39 children and 23 ELC staff members.  We also had 57 family and friends, 3 ELC board members and 10 church staff members come to enjoy this time with us.  Besides the traditional turkey, potatoes and vegetables, Tracy made homemade stuffing and homemade pumkin pies.  We always enjoy “family time” with our TLC ELC families. 

We are already looking forward to our family breakfast in February.

There are so many things to be thankful for during this time and all year round.  Here at TLC-ELC we are especially thankful for our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ who gave everything for each of us, for our own families and the families who are a part of our center, for our dedicated staff who continue to give so much of theirselves to providing the best care possible and for Transfiguration Lutheran Church and their commitment to reaching out and serving.