Powerful Play at the Children’s Museum

The DuckTail and KinderPlus classes recently took a trip to the Children’s Museum.  As we know, Play isn’t just fun, its a learning experience! There was plenty of play, learning and fun on our trip! The kids spent the morning building, washing a police car, pretending to be fire fighters and chefs and even visited Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood.  
















Play  nurtures skills children need to thrive at home, in school and everywhere else.

Confidence – Children show enthusiasm, exhibit persistence and demonstrate a willingness to try new things.

Creative Thinking – Children imagine, improvise, reinvent, dare and innovate.

Critical Thinking – Children are curious, make plans, solve problems and reflect.

(Self) Control – Children focus, make reasonable choices and regulate emotions, behaviors and actions.

Collaboration – Children connect with others, cooperate, empathize and engage in teamwork.

Communication – Children express thoughts and ideas, engage in discussions and listen.

Coordination – Children exhibit awareness of the body’s abilities, and develop precision strength, balance and endurance.
(taken from mcm.org)