Photo Club

We have 25 TAC kids in our photo clubs, 10 new, 15 have been in past years. They learn how to take pictures, how their cameras work, paying attention to what they are shooting – focusing and taking their time.Photo Club visits a variety of places to take pictures.  This year they have visited Como Zoo, the Arboretum, and Down Town Minneapolis.  They get a chance to edit their pictures using different editing tools that are on Barb’s apple computer.  Check out some of the pictures taken by our photo club members below:

Anna and Haliey- photo taken by Izzy

Max and Dawn- photo taken by Jade

Duckling at Como Zoo- Photo taken by Kerrigan

Orange Flower- Photo taken by Jonah

Snake- Photo taken by Jade

Water Lily- Photo taken by Nora

Iris- Photo taken by Sierra

Plants- Photo taken by Anja

Sculpture at Mpls Library- Photo taken by Justin

Art Made from Things Found in Lakes- Photo taken by Nolan