Math Fun

Building a strong foundation for math skills begins early on.

Preschoolers are able to  understand the following concepts:

  • That numbers represent an amount of objects
  • That numbers can be expressed as spoken words, written words, and written symbols
  • That you can add and take away from amounts
  • That amounts can be expressed as “none,” “more,” “less,” “smaller,” “smallest,” “bigger,” and “biggest”
  • That objects can be defined by size as well as their shape and color

Calendars  are used during group time to help introduce number recognition, patterns and counting.  Manipulatives (such as unit blocks and links)  are available in our preschool classrooms  for children to explore.

The DuckTail class had fun with different colored links.  They linked together different patterns and also used the links to measure things like our table ( 46 chains) and even  worked together as a class to measure our hallway, which is 711 links long!!