Kindergarteners Visit the Wild Rumpus Bookstore

Earlier this month, the Kindergarten class took a field trip to the Wild Rumpus Bookstore in Minneapolis.  The adventure started by each child entering the store through a special purple door made just for kids!  While inside, one of the employees welcomed us to the bookstore and introduced us to 2 pet chickens that live at the bookstore! She also told us about the other animals that lived there, cats, a tarantula, a fish, ferrets just to name a few.  While we were browsing the books, we were asked to see if we noticed anything unusual about the cats that lived there.  We did! These cats were born with out tails-they are called Manx cats.  Each child was allowed to pick out a recycled book to bring home, and we ended the day by listening to a story read by one of the bookstore employees!

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