Kindergarten Mary Cassatt paintings

Mary Cassatt {1844-1926} was an American Impressionist painter.  She was raised and primarily lived in France.  Her works focused on the social and private lives of women, particularly the bond between mother and child.  After getting several paintings in the famous Salon show, she was invited to join the Impressionists and her work adopted their use of bright colors and prominent brush strokes.

One of the techniques she utilized was the MONOPRINT, where paint or ink is transferred to another surface in a one-step process, creating a unique image. Each student used a variety of bright, vibrant colors to paint on the back of a cooking tin in whatever fashion they wanted. Then, we carefully pressed a single sheet of paper onto the tin to transfer the paint to the sheet, creating a monoprint image.  It was a very fun project that allowed the children to discover new ways to make images!