How do Aardvarks make a fireworks painting?

With Balls…….The day was beautiful and the Aardvarks went outside to the playground.  In pairs they put on painting shirts, dipped their spikie ball in paint and then tossed the ball on to a big piece of paper.  It was a lot of fun.

There is a head hole in here somewhere.

Putting on the paint shirts helps to protect their own clothes.

After the shirt, you pick the ball you want….

… and dip the ball in paint.

Here comes one of the first balls – flying through the air

Here comes a red ball.

The blue ball seems to be hovering in the air.

The picture is starting to take shape.

Here comes the red ball.

This is also a time for taking pictures

Here is his picture.

Hands were covered with paint.

So the final part of this activity was to wash their hands.

It was a lot of fun!