Happy 11.11.11 from TLC ELC

We had a fun day at TLC ELC on 11.11.11.  We attempted to make a  HUMAN “11-11-11”.  The biggest question was how to get up high enough to see everyone.  Then the idea – shoot from the rooftop.   Lines were drawn on the parking lot, the kids and staff lined up and as they were doing that they looked up and saw Suzy and Karen and Taylor on the rooftop.  They kept asking how we got up there… and wanted us to “BE CAREFUL!”

We also had a staff potluck lunch that day and played an all day trivia with prizes.  Do you know the 2 movies that won 11 Academy Awards?  How about, what war ended on 11-11 (with fighting ending at 11am)? 

We are all very thankful to our veterans – many families at our center have family members who are protecting our country or have!  We solute you and thank you for everything you give and have given up for our freedom!