Gift Card Fundraiser

Want to earn FREE money?

TLC splits profits earned through SCRIP gift card purchases with YOU!! Use the money you earn to pay for your child’s field trips, tuition or to purchase more gift cards!

SCRIP Gift Card purchases are now even EASIER!! Do you ever need a gift card RIGHT NOW?  We now offer a number of gift cards available for immediate use.  Simply order online, use PrestoPay and your card will be available to you within seconds.  Follow the easy steps below to enroll in our new PrestoPay program.  You can place your order (Physical Cards, Reload cards you have purchased from previous SCRIP orders, or order SCRIPnow cards that are available to use immediately) at any time. The money will be withdrawn from your checking or savings account.  Physical cards will be delivered to you at TLC the following Monday, Re-Loads and SCRIPnow cards will be available immediately.

To Enroll your family, please follow the steps below.

Go to

Click on the “Register” button

Scroll down to the blue “Join Your Existing Program” button

Enter TLC ELC’s enrollment code: 3CDB2AB23335 and click Register

You will then be asked to set up your account, and will be sent a verification code on your phone.

Enter the code and you are registered!

Now set up PRESTOPAY so funds are withdrawn from your checking or savings account. (no need to remember to bring an order form or check in to TLC)

Click on “dashboard” at the top of the screen

Scroll down and click on PrestoPay

Scroll down and register for a Presto Pay Account

Over   à

Follow the instructions. (You will be asked to register your bank account). At this point, you will need to wait for Great Lakes SCRIP Center to verify the account. This process takes about 2-3 business days. To verify your account info, GLSC will make two small deposits into your designated bank account.  Once you receive the deposits, take note of both amounts and return to the Presto Pay link at  Enter both amounts deposited into your bank accounts and select a 4 digit PIN number.  Enter your PIN, click next.  Now that your account is verified, you will be issued an approval code.  Please give this code to Renee (Aardvark Teacher) or drop in the wooden box in the office (labeled with your name).  Now you can start shopping from the comfort of your own home!