Here are a few pointers TIPS our FLOWER SALE at TLC ELC

You can pick up information & order forms at TLC ELC on the sign in table or click on this link http://tlcelc.wpengine.com/2012-flower-fundraiser-order-form/

Please guide friends and family to the link above to view colored pictures and order forms.

HAVE A GREAT TIME SELLING!!  Thank you for your support!

  1. Read the rules and tips of your pamphlet, or talk with Renee Gilmore or Barb if you have any questions.
  2. Learn as much about the flowers as possible.
  3. Keep in mind that these people you sell to give you only 2 seconds of their attention, so make it quick. If you don’t catch their interest within the first ten seconds of your pitch, they probably won’t continue. Say something like: “Hi! I’m selling flowers for TLC ELC’s fundraiser. If you plant flowers these are excellent for you.  If you don’t we also have wonderful hanging and flower box arrangements. I was wondering if you were interested in purchasing some today.” Smile while saying all of this.
  4. Make a list of friends and family you can sell to. You’re going to be more successful getting purchases from people you know than people you don’t. Most times schools don’t allow soliciting (going door to door selling to people you do and, more often, don’t know), as this is illegal in some subdivisions and unsafe for kids – so friends, family, and well-known, non-creepy neighbors will be your only option.
  5. Remember who you’ve given donations to in the past (for things like charity walks) and ask them first. Often these people will be the first to give since they will want to repay your past kindness. This may backfire, however, if you sell to them too often and come off as annoying. Assess the person beforehand to see if they’re the type to be annoyed by fundraisers.
  6. Talk about the person as well as the flowers. Remember to ask them questions about themselves based on things you know about them, like how their family is doing etc.
  7. Emphasize if they will be planting flowers this year, these will be delivered to their door (by you) and they are a high quality plants, grown locally.
  8. Always emphasize the ELC. That’s as much of a motivation for people to buy as the product itself, sometimes even more so. Remember to say what you are raising the money for TLC Early Learning Center.  We are a local child care center who has been serving the community and families for the past 25+ years.  We have also hit hard with the ecomony and the flower sale helps us maintain our standards with the children.

Flowers will be delivered on Thursday, May 17th.

Pictures of the flowers can be seen on our website: www.tlcelc.com in the blog section and on TLCELC’s facebook page.  We invite you to “like” us on facebook to share in many ongoing activities.


 Thank you again for your involvement.