What Parents Are Saying

“So many wonderful people/staff at TLC!  You feel the love when you walk into the door every morning and take it with you when you leave at the end of the day.”


“Over the years, the staff at TLC has become more like family.  They have been there for us in times when we needed their support , and have shared in our joys.  Our children would not be the people they are today without this love and support.  Thank you!”


“Thank you for how you love and care for our son.  As I share all of the wonderful things you provide-field trips, crafts, music class etc.., with our friends and family everyone agrees that we have the BEST daycare!”


“The care our daughter received at TLC ELC has been absolutely unmatched.  The love the teachers and staff bestowed upon our daughter was truly comforting.”


“I think the staff has an amazing amount of patience.  They all seemed well trained and practiced in loving correction.  They are understanding, compassionate, and kind, without exception.”


“The small class sizes at TLC-ELC have been a Godsend for my son.  His teachers have been able to give him the attention he needed and he thrived and grew so much during his years at TLC-ELC.  The teacher’s creativity and energy kept him excited about learning and going to “school”.  I’ve been especially impressed with how the center completed his learning by going beyond the classroom and out into world on numerous educational fieldtrips that just don’t take place within a regular center setting.”


“Staff is great! In the last year we have not met one single staff person who is not as wonderful as the next!”


“TLC-ELC’s Kindergarten has been, so far, the best “investment” we have ever made in our children’s education.  Knowing we would not be in a position to put all three kids through private school, we figured we’d invest up-front in kindergarten where they would get the benefit of the best student-teacher ratio anywhere, with the best teacher anywhere.  It was a no-brainer, and it has proven a sound investment three times over.”


“The staff is so wonderful and loving.  It is clear they care so much about all the kids and their development.  I am so happy to have my child is such a loving environment!  The staff does an excellent job of being open to questions and concerns from parents and reinforcing what we are doing at home.”


“Staff members have always shown personal involvement with all our children and it’s noticeable that they have caring relationships with them.”


In all, I absolutely love the staff and feel that there is very much a closeness and sense of family associate with all of them which is comforting.


“We couldn’t be more pleased with how TLC prepared our child for his school years.  TLC provided our child with the foundation to be successful, both socially and academically, within a structured and loving setting.”


“I chose TLC-ELC for 2 basic reasons:  Christian setting and the quality of teachers.”

“A Christian focus is IMPERATIVE to mold and train young children.  A Christian setting provides purpose and direction with standards that our young children need.  Too many young people have no purpose or standards to live by anymore.  TLC-ELC strives to provide quality education along with Christian background that I was looking for my son.”


“Our child loves the teachers and staff at TLC-ELC.  It is great that staff are the same from year to year as he continues to hug and receive love from previous teachers as well.”


“I have been very impressed with the programming at TLC-ELC.  The creativity and purposefulness in the lesson planning is apparent and the kids seem to respond positively to it.  I love the variety of field trips and how they are related to the learning themes.”


“I love that they have music each week and incorporate Bible study as well as worship into the curriculum.  That is the best education my child can receive.”


“Our kids LOVE TLC!!!  They miss it and their friends when they have been home for the weekend!  They feel comfortable with the staff members and have grown so much from being at TLC-ELC.”


“My children are always excited to go to TLC-ELC.  Even when we have been on vacation from the center, my kids talk about their TLC-ELC friends and teachers and how they miss them.”


“The staff provides such a positive, loving environment, their care and guidance has been such a positive influence on our daughter.”


“It amazes us – the amount of patience of the teachers have to care for the children, and they do it with smiles on their faces. They plan amazing craft ideas and field trips that are related to what is happening in the classroom.”


“The staff are GREAT!  We feel fortunate to have our son in their care.  He is always singing songs that he has been taught.  We enjoy the details of his day that are shared with us when we pick him up.  They are so helpful in the morning, making our son feel welcomed and loved.”


“The staff at TLC-ELC offers more to kids and families than a daycare.  They offer relationships, trust, support, understanding and a sense of family. They are dedicated to all of the kids, their influence in our children’s lives has been invaluable.”


“The teachers at TLC-ELC always make my son feel special, welcome and loved.  He is happy here, that makes all the difference.”


“The TLC-ELC staff are always up beat and positive.  We have gotten to know many staff members and feel like they are extended family.”


“There are so many wonderful staff at TLC-ELC – how can you show appreciation to them?  You feel the love when you walk into the door every morning and take it with you when you leave at the end of the day.  That love comes from EVERYONE at TLC-ELC and for that reason we feel blessed that our children are at TLC-ELC.”