Everyone was in Red for Thursday’s VBS

We talked about serving our community, about the importance of doing what is right, of accepting others and how a short tax collector played into all of this.

Pastor Ed Treat came dressed as Zacchaeus. He explained to the kids who Zacchaeus was and why he was so disliked, but he was still loved by Jesus.

The kids are involved in the story with their cheers and boo’s. It was great having Zacchaeus visit our VBS today.

The story was Zacchaeus and how he was too short to see Jesus when He came to Jericho.

Our preschoolers were put up on a high branch so they could see how things looked differently. They were looking for Jesus too.

Zacchaeus solved his problem by climbing up a tree so he could see over the crowd.

One of the craft projects was to make donation boxes. The children will save their money and then decide where to give it. This is a great habit to learn young.

Making donation boxes that they can take home and use to collect coins to give to others.

The outside game was a popcorn race – but I have a feeling the easiest part was the running.

Getting the popcorn into the cup on your head is the hardest part. You can’t see what you are doing and your senses are all messed up.

Running without holding on to the cup on his head, that puts little more challenge into it.

The popcorn in the cup on their head has to make it into the box.

Making the cover for his prayer journal.

This first grader was focusing on what she put in her prayer journal – prayers for her family.