Fire Fighter’s Hall and Museum – Best Field Trip Ever!!!

The best field trip ever was to the Fire Fighter’s Hall and Museum in Minneapolis.  You can find them on line at to find your own information about this great place to visit.   The best part of this wonderful field trip was when we got to go for a ride on a real fire truck.

It was fun going down the fire pole, a little one was set up so everyone could try it out.

We got to see all of the different parts of a fire station along with the different equipment they have.

It was great fun trying on real fire fighter gear

The boots, coat and hat really didn’t fit, but they were fun to try on.

We got to pretend we were driving the trucks.

We could “drive” the truck in the museum.

It was fun to pretend

We squirted water on a “fire wall” – it looked like a burning building.