3 Year Olds



AA Natalie, Hailey, Evelyn stretching AA Tobin outside


AA - playground - M & C

AA - start of parade

Welcome to the Aardvark Room

Younger Preschool Room, typically children who are 3 years old in September

Teacher : Child Ratio = 1:6.5
Maximum Class Size
= 13 children

Classroom Goals and Activities

Spiritual Development:

  • Twice monthly worship services with church staff
  • Teachers pray with children before meals
  • Weekly, Christian based music class led by Taylor Wilson(youth and family minister of Transfiguration Lutheran Church)


  • Teachers encourage the consideration of others (share, take turns etc…)
  • Children continue to practice and learn new self-help skills

Physical Development:

  • Twice daily large muscle time (outdoor, weather permitting)
  • Children have free access to crayons, lacing beads, puzzles etc… to help develop fine motor skills

Cognitive Development:

  • Teachers introduce simple mathematical concepts (sorting, patterns etc…) and letter recognition

Language Development:

  • Children are encouraged to express their wants, needs and emotions verbally
  • Classroom is a print-rich environment


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