Box Tops 101 {Easy Ways to Earn Money for TLC ELC}

You probably know that by clipping Box Tops, you earn TLC ELC 10 cents/Box Top–But did you know Box Tops for Education offers many more {quick and simple} ways to earn money for our school?




Register at {it’s easy, and takes less than 5 minutes–and once you are registered you can start earning money for TLC ELC)

Shop the Box Tops Marketplace
Do you shop online? If you answered yes, check out the Box Tops Marketplace.  By visiting the Marketplace you will find links to hundreds of stores (Old Navy, Walgreens, Best Buy, Kohl’s Express, Gap and MANY more!) By clicking on the links to these stores through the Marketplace, you will be connected to the stores website, and can shop as you normally would.  When you check out, Box Tops for Education will donate Bonus Box Tops to TLC ELC (for example: I shopped Old Navy from the Box Tops Marketplace -Old Navy donates 2 Box Tops {thats 20 cents} for every $10 spent.  I spent $75, so Box Tops donated 14 Box Tops to TLC ELC ($1.40).  Super easy way to earn money for our school! $1.40 may not seem like a lot of money, but it sure adds up fast!

Do you use GROUPONS?
Check out the daily Groupon through the Box Tops Marketplace, or click here.  By clicking this link (check back daily, as the Groupon deals change each day) you will be able to purchase the “deal of the day” AND Box Tops will donate 2 bonus Box Tops for every $10 you spend.  TLC ELC only earns money if you access the “deal of the day” through the Box Tops Marketplace.

Click  to earn Bonus Box Tops
If you find yourself with 5 extra minutes, click here.  You will be sent to the Bonus Box Tops page where you can find easy ways to earn Bonus Box Tops for TLC. Some of these opportunities include, watching a short advertisement, providing feedback on a product, or taking a quick survey.   For more information check out this video.

Recruit Family Members
Ask friends and family members to clip Box Tops for TLC ELC.  Also, ask friends and family to register on the Box Tops website.  By doing so they can choose TLC ELC as their school to suppport, and participate in the Box Tops Marketplace, Box Tops Groupon and Click and Earn.

At Work
Put a collection box somewhere in your office, for co-workers to bring in Box Tops for TLC ELC.  Clip Box Tops from offive supplies (each package of Avery paper has one Box Top, tissue boxes etc…)

Register at
Click on the following link–, and register.  Just for registering, TLC ELC will earn 5 Box Tops (50 cents).