Back to School Shopping

If you are not aware, SCRIP is our ongoing gift card fundraiser.  You purchase gift cards to dozens of restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, clothing stores and other retailers at face value and those retailers pay TLC ELC a percentage of your purchase.  For example, Old Navy offers a 14% rebate- if you order $100 gift card to Old Navy (for back to school clothes) you will receive a $100 gift card and Old Navy will pay TLC $14.  The best part is TLC ELC will split that profit with you – $7 for TLC ELC and $7 for you.  You can use the money you earn through SCRIP to pay for your child’s field trip costs, put it towards tuition costs or use it to buy more SCRIP.  A number of families have been able to pay for all of their summer field trip costs just from the SCRIP earnings!  Order forms can be picked up by the parent bulletin board (or print one here) and orders and payment are due Wednesdays by 10am.  You will receive your gift cards by the following Monday.  SCRIP can take a bit of planning ahead, but before you know it the earnings will add up!

Ways to use SCRIP gift cards:

Back to School Shopping: Target, Old Navy ,Kohls, JC Penny, Lands End, American Eagle etc…

Groceries: Cub Foods, Target, Walmart

Gas: Holiday, BP, Super America

Date Night: AMC Theaters, Red Lobster, Applebee’s, Olive Garden, Buffalo Wild Wild Wings

Gift Ideas:, Bath and Body Works, Caribou, Starbucks

Projects Around the House: Menards, Home Depot

If you haven’t already done so, give SCRIP a try.  You will be surprised how easily you can earn money for TLC ELC and yourself!

Questions? See Renee in the Aardvark Room