Adventure Club June Photo Club

For several years now we have had a photo club in the summer with our school-agers (The Adventure Club kids).  We go out once each month, the kids have some instruction from the staff who are involved and then they take focused digital shots.  Our first time out this year was visiting 3 different backyards.  The theme of this year’s Vacation Bible School is “God’s Backyard”, so we decided to run with that.  We visited a typical backyard that we are all familiar with that has a deck, hanging plants, some beautiful glass balls and an inch worm that we discovered.  From there we went to a spectacular garden back and front yard that was designed by a master gardener.  The flowers were delightful and the kids felt like they were in a wonderland.  The third backyard we visited had a HUGE homemade tree house that called to all of them.  There were also trees for climbing and bugs for finding.  It was a great day!

Our first backyard belongs to an ELC family who happened to be on vacation. They were happy to share their backyard with us. We had 18 photographers from the Adventure Club program who joined us on this trip.

This multi-legged bug was a source of great fasination. LW – 5 years old got a terrific shot.

These beautiful flowers filled the screen for our photographer – HJ 6 years old.

“Copy that face for me” said photographer MW to her friend. She was told to take it fast because she could only hold it for about 3 seconds. MW – 7 years old

This beautiful iris takes on a special look from above. Taken by EH – 8 years old.

The photo club kids showed a great deal of creativity in the different perspecitives they took in capturing their special shots. Here our young photographer is showing a great deal of focus as he sets up his shot for what he is looking for.

It’s important to change your perspective to get the shot you want.

Is she looking at a bug, some flowers or just getting comfortable on the lounge chair?

The world looks different when you are sitting down in the grass.

Learning how to hold your body still while crouching down to get a photo is a lifetime skill that this young photographer is just starting to master.

Everyone going after their own shot.

This flower almost looks like a painting. We were in the most beautiful garden in the city of Bloomington and the kids had wonderful inspiration for their creative photos. This was taken by LR – 9 years old.

Wildlife picture taken by NB – 10 years old.

You can’t get too close to what you want to shoot, unless your camera won’t let you. This looks relaxing, but you don’t here the misquitoes buzzing or feel the bugs crawling on you. She is very focused on getting the perfect shot.