Aardvarks first field trip

Here are some fun images from the Aardvarks’ first field trip.  Besides the enjoyment of the field trip, the children are learning many things that they will use on all upcoming field trips, such as always being behind the “yellow bag” and following the “yellow bag”.  The yellow bag is the emergency kit that goes on all field trips, but it is also large and easy to see by everyone.  Another important thing the children learn is the importance of holding their partner’s hand. 

All 13 children are also buckled in their car seats, so patience is practiced while they wait for everyone else to be buckled before they leave. Then they wait and don’t get down until everyone gets unbuckled when they arrive, because they can’t  unload from the bus until the teacher with the “yellow bag” is in the lead.  Safety is always of primary importance on field trips – even if the kids think that having fun is the most important.