Aardvarks at Bloomington Safety Bootcamp

Last week the Aardvarks went to the Bloomington Safety Bootcamp. ¬†They learned how to react if they are in a burning building – climb down the ladder that is attached to the window – they learned how to protect themselves from gas fumes – put on your handy-dandy gas mask – they practiced “driving” a fire truck – they sat inside an ambulance and rised and lowered the gurney – they also met a Bloomington police dog.

Aadvarks listen about fire safety

Inside a Police car

Aardvarks see a puppy Animal Rescue found the day before their visit

Kids use the loop to practice wrangling eachother, like the tool is used to rescue animals

Kids try on the gas mask

Running through the sprinkler

Lifeguard Run

Meeting a police dog

Raising the gurney

Trying on the special helmet

In a firetruck

Driving the ambulance can be fun at boot camp!

Inside the bomb squad truck