A day in the life of a TLC Kindergartener


TLC ELC’s kindergarten begins each day with some outdoor (weather permitting ) large muscle time.  Some days are free choice large muscle activities, and other days are teacher led activities.



























The class then goes to the classroom to work on their journals. After they complete their journal activity, they share what they have written/drawn with a partner.









The Pledge of Allegiance.








Next, is group time.  This includes, doing the calendar, using links and straws to count by 5’s and 10’s, stories and the weather  chart.









The rest of the morning is spent doing  a variety of activities, including, writing, math, science, sensory and art activities.  On this particular day the class was studying the letter “J” .  They practiced writing capital and lowercase J’s, talking about what words begin with the letter “J”, and doing some jumping activities (jumping 20 times, doing jumping jacks, measuring how far each child could jump).











Afternoon activities include, lunch, more large muscle time, field trips, free choice play and rest time.