What sets TLC-ELC apart from other centers in Bloomington?

TLC Early Learning Center (TLC ELC) is the only nationally accredited Christianchildcare and preschool program in Bloomington . We are a ministry of Transfiguration Lutheran Church. This relationship allows us to maintain lower staff ratios than other centers and staff stability that is often unheard of in this industry.


What does ‘accreditation’ mean?

National Accreditation standards exceed the state’s requirements for licensed centers.

Accreditation involves an extensive process of assessment and validation, establishes expectations regarding the relationship between teachers and children, curriculum development, teaching methods, and processes for on-going program assessment. Accreditation also sets expectations regarding health practices, teacher qualifications and training, the physical environment, and program leadership and general management.


What is so unique about TLC ELC’s staff?

  • TLC ELC’s average tenure for full time staff is 9.5 years.
  • The director has been with TLC ELC since 1989.
  • All teachers have college training in Early Childhood Education
  • All staff are trained in CPR and First Aid, and receive ongoing education.
  • The director of TLC ELC has degrees in special education and pre-school education withpost-graduate work and a license in early childhood education.  She also has been active with NAEYC’s Accreditation process since 1986.


What type of faith-nurturing activities take place at TLC ELC?

  • Faith-nurturing activities are intentionally wrapped into the regular part of each child’s day
  • Prayer
  • Christian stories and music
  • Devotions
  • Bi-monthly worship
  • Regular interaction with TLC church staff

What is the cost comparison and benefits to other child care centers?

We try to keep our tuition within the range of other centers. Staff and facilities are the largest expenses of operating a child care center. As a ministry of Transfiguration Lutheran Church, TLC ELC can allocate more resources to offer lower staff ratios, maintain smaller group sizes, and maintain teacher stability. In addition to use of the facility, Transfiguration Lutheran Church helps with many different operating costs (i.e. insurance, janitorial services, and kitchen supplies).


How is space shared with the church?

The classrooms are used by TLC for Sunday School but are used exclusively by TLC ELC during normal center operating hours. The east side of the Fellowship Hall is set aside primarily for TLC ELC and we have access to use the full Fellowship Hall space as available. The outside play ground is used only by TLC ELC during operation.


Tuition Questions


Are rates consistent with the market?

We survey other centers annually to make sure we are consistent with tuition at other Bloomington area centers, even though we offer lower ratios, smaller group sizes, numerous field trips, on-site meals, and a Nationally Accredited program.

What is the vacation policy?

After a full year a family is entitled to two weeks of absence without paying tuition. TLC ELC is flexible in working this out with each family.


Food Questions

TLC ELC offers healthful breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. We employ a full time cook who prepares all meals (meals are not prepared off-site and brought in and heated up).  The menu has a regular rotation with different foods periodically being introduced. In addition to general nutritional awareness, we incorporate some lower sugar and organic foods.


Field trip questions


Who goes on field trips?

All rooms except the youngest group (the Turtles) take regular field trips. Most rooms take weekly field trips during the school year with bi- weekly field trips in the summer.


How are children transported?

We own two 22-passenger buses. Families with children under 4 provide an approved car seat for their child’s field trips. TLC ELC staff have been trained, as required by Minnesota law, to properly install and operate these car seats.


Do staff ratios for field trips differ from the room?

TLC ELC always sends at least one additional staff person and often two along on field trips. Parents are always invited to participate as well but are not expected to be responsible for more than their child.


Are field trips included in tuition?

No. We attempt to recover the cost of the field trip including any cost of entry, mileage, and extra staff. The amount is divided among the children in the room.